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It is already the 12th consecutive year when the Association Infobalt, representing the Lithuanian ICT market, which annual turnover reached 4,2 billions of Litas and comprised about 7 percent of the GNP in 2004, and unifying 165 Lithuanian ICT companies, in close cooperation with its partners (The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, VisusPlenus, Litexpo, Information Society Development Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania,  ect.) is organising the biggest exhibition of information society technologies in the Baltic and Eastern European region.

  • The exposition of INFOBALT‘2005 will introduce the new ICT technologies and their economic benefits for the expected 70 000 of Lithuanian and foreign visitors, representatives from business and public sectors. The exhibition conforms to the strategy of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the “development of Lithuanian information society” (of 25 May 2005) and the “priorities of Lithuanian knowledge society” being implemented by the Association Infobalt
  • Between the years 2000 and 2004 the exhibition INFOBALT welcomed more than 250 000 of visitors, was participated by more than 800 ICT companies and more than 40 international business delegations, there were 6 international conferences on the development of information society organised. Furthermore, over 80 foreign ICT companies introduced their stands in the exhibition, and there were 30 joint stands presented by the countries from the USA, Europe, Asia and CIS countries.
  • The exhibition INFOBALT is one of the few constantly growing (5-10 percent) exhibitions of information society technologies in the EU, whereas the majority of the most important EU exhibitions of the field are declining by 10-20 percent. The exhibition INFOBALT is not only attracting foreign businesspeople and the interest of media but also providing the possibility for the Lithuanian businessmen to economise their expenses due to the expensive participation in the foreign events.
  • As a result of the bilateral business contacts made during the exhibition INFOBALT, the growth of exports of Lithuanian ICT products and services reached 120 percent during the last four years and in 2004 amounted to 55 millions of euros, while the total annual growth of the Lithuanian ICT sector between the years 2000 and 2004 was 20-22 percent.
  • The exhibition INFOBALT is also the most important event for Lithuanian consumers, as business companies and public organisations introduce all the ICT innovations and their applications at work, in the public sector and home.


On 27-29 October 2005, the 12th international exhibition of the information technologies, telecommunications and office supplies INFOBALT is taking place. This year there are expected 150 ICT companies participating in the event. It is also expected that  foreign companies from 7 different countries of the world will join the exhibition.  The main exposition will be intended for the quickly developing market of home users.

During the exposition of the ICT Solutions’ Forum, taking place in the exhibition INFOBALT‘2005, the Lithuanian ICT companies will present their solutions developed for business, public sector, professionals and export. The organizers of the exhibition INFOBALT are aiming to turn the exhibition into the forum of Eastern European ICT business, and working in close cooperation with their partners to attract more investment into the sector of knowledge economy of the Republic of Lithuania as well as encourage the Lithuanian ICT companies to actively participate in the joint projects with the business and international companies from the EU, CIS and other countries.

Scheduled events of the exhibition INFOBALT’2005:

27-29th October; “Litexpo”

  • Expositions for the mass consumer (halls 1,2,5)
  • ICT Solutions’ Forum (hall 5, Galery)
  • Pavilion of e-services (hall 5)
  • Programme of Seminars (halls 1,2,5)
  • Expositions of e-entertainment and e-equipment for home users (halls 1,5)
  • Events in Vilnius city related to the ICT and the topic of the exhibition
  • Competitions and other shows during the days of the exhibition.

The Director of the Association Infobalt
Dţiugas Juknys  


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